If we are not covered by a sacred shield, by our own mental protection, and by our own purity and good will, then we will be drowned by a massive negative power around us. The spiritually empty person cannot charge other people with spiritual power, cannot revive other people's spiritual power. Even though the spiritual power is invisible, but it is existing. The awakening of spiritual power in this learning, is by applying the truth power of tawasul and duas.


A person using this Spiritual Power dedicates his effort to God's will only.


It is not necessary to recite all the prayers just to saying the name of the spell the energy flows perfecty to the highest intention.





The Practice Of Maghrobi


This is a practice to empower your tasbih (rosary) in order to provide you with true power that can truly be felt by whoever is practicing it. This practice is said to contain various supernatural power.





Recitation 3 : YA QOWIYYU YA MATIN


Recitation 5 : Y A BATHIN

Recitation 6 : YA GHONI


Recitation from 1-6 mist be recited 500x each each night for 3 or 7 days continuously. After the initial period of 3/7 days, you should perform the recitation of each of the above mantra for 100x on every Friday night, or at least once a month.


Method Of Applications


1. For invulnerability of sharp weapons


a. Recite reading 3 or 4 for 100x after every morning prayer, if not; at least once every week


2. For good public relations and to be respected by society


a. You are automatically respected by engaging in this practice.


3. To obtain favor or love from a person


a. Recite reading 1 for 300x while closing your eyes thinking of your target’s face. If God wills it, you will see a change of attitude of the person towards you.


4. For good business


a. Hang or put your tasbih in your shop.


5. For obtaining supernatural power


a. Recite reading 5 every night for 300x while closing your eyes.


b. Then recite reading 3 without using the tasbih.


c. Put your tasbih in front of you while asking God’s permission for supernatural power for whatever you wish.


6. For influencing others


a. You will possess such ability automatically.


7. For peace of mind


a. Recite reading 1-5 continuously.


8. For attracting money


a. Recite reading 1, 3 and 6 each for 300x at night. After that pray to God to give you abundant fortune.


b. After performing the recitation at night, you should donate a small sum of money to charity.


9. For clearing your debt


a. Do as in point 8.


10. For getting a soul mate quickly (in 89 days)


a. Recite reading 1 for 100x every night.


11. For good husband and wife relationship


a. Place your tasbih in your bedroom.


12. Generate super spiritual power


a. Recite reading 3 and 4 at least 100x at night.


13. Distance strike to faint your opponent


a. Hold your fist tightly and take a deep breath, then recite reading 2 and strike at the direction of your opponent. If God is willing, your opponent will be knocked unconscious and fall on the ground.


14. For setting protective boundary from all forms of evil


a. Recite reading 1 at least 100x and bring your tasbih with you where ever you go.


15. For curing spirit possession or black magic


a. Prepare a glass of water then recite reading 1 at least 3x and blow a breath to the water.


b. Continue with the recitation of Al-Fatihah 3x and Ayat Kursi 3x.


c. Let the patient drink the water while perform a simple prayer to God asking for speedier recovery.


16. For treasure hunting


a. Recite reading 1 and 4 minimum 300x each night at 12 mid-night while imagining the location you think there are buried treasures. You will know the exact location of where the treasure is buried.


17. For harnessing 6th sense


a. Recite reading 3 and 4 minimum 300x each night while relaxing your mind.


18. For influencing someone from a distance


a. Recite reading 1 and 5 minimum 300x while closing your eyes and thinking of the person.


19. For protecting a person for 41 days


a. Recite reading 2 for 200x while imagining that person is protected by an energy force field.



If you utilize your tasbih for performing this practice, you will increase the merits of your recitation many folds.