Asma 'Sirr (Secret) deep spiritual mystery. 

It is about teaching ma'rifat conscious. 

Sirrullah (the mysteries of God) 

Who is God? HE who knows only his own. 

God is Mind (unseen), Maha Smooth (Lathiifu), 

Can not be achieved with eye vision. 

But the human heart can feel the presence 

The presence of affection, the presence of greatness. 

To know God must go ma'rifat (ma'rifatullah) 

What ma'rifatullah it? 

Ma'rifatullah hard to define 

So broad coverage should be achieved 

So many of the elements that must be selected 

Once the various definitions which overlap 

Simply put ma'rifatullah can be interpreted: "know God" 

The muhaqqiqin (those who study the science of nature) defines it as: "Resolve to trust the One who shall form (Allah) who has everything perfection". 

Ma'rifatullah or "know God" is obligatory for every believer 

Every man must know God, to know his Creator 

Source and estuary of everything that exists 

Source and estuary of the universe. 

In essence no one knows God except God alone. 

He who knows God, in fact it is a blessing that God bestows upon him. 

In Asma 'Sirr save 4 types ma'rifat 

First, ma'rifatudz-Essence 

(Know the One God - Dzatullahi) 

This section is not achieved by human 

A special section which is the right God. 

Human thought is not possible to achieve it 

Human reason is not possible to reach. 

Prophet Muhammad said: 

"Think you about the creatures of God, do not ever think about the One God, because you really will not be able to meet the levels" 

Asma'nya: "GOD" 

Second, ma'rifatus-nature 

(To know the attributes of God - Sifatullahi) 

By Asma-ul deep meaning husnah 

Individuals become familiar with the attributes of God 

Getting to know the properties of the perfection of God. 

Individuals should have a certain character by virtue of the nature of 

Of course within the limits of humanity. 


Al-Ahad, Allah Single (Esa) 

Al-Awwalu, Supreme Beginning without a beginning 

Al-Akhiru, Supreme End without Pungkasan, 

Al-Hayyu, Maha life 

Al-Jabbar, the Mighty 

Ar-Rahman, the Merciful 

Al-Wadud, All-Loving His servants 

Third, ma'rifatul-form 

(Familiar form of God - Wujudullahi) 

God's being (there). 

However, it is not possible manifestation of God reached by the human brain. 

It is impossible unimaginable human imagination 

"Laisa kamitslihi syaitu" the word of God; 

"(God) does not coincide with any" 

Whatever may be thought of as God 

then it is not of God, (praise be to Him). 

Anything that can be described as God 

certainly it is not Allah, (Glory to God). 

Siti Aisyah ra, the wife of the Prophet, said: 

"Anna Muhammadan khaddatsaka man saw, ro-a rabbahu fa qad kadzaba" 

"Whoever tells you that Muhammad has seen his Lord (at the time of Ascension) then he dustalah" 

Said the Prophet Muhammad; 

"Wa qad ro'aitu Nuron, anna anahu" 

"And indeed I see the light, how could I see Him (God)" 

"Subhanaka, ma'arafnaka haqqa ma'rifataka" 

"Glory to God, we can not know you with the introduction of rigorous".